Advanced Combat Medic Training (68W1, 18D, SARC)* (8 months - 1 year)

Train the Trainer Course (68W)*
The need to develop a powerful training cadre to teach basic medic training in addition to elevating the overall combat capabilities of a unit has necessitated a higher and higher skill set for combat medics in today’s army. As the type of missions have changed so has the requirement for the level of medical support. Red Stripe™’s propriety syllabus is based on the U.S. Army’s 68W1, 18D and Navy Corpsman Marine Recon SARC programs. Graduates from this highly skilled course can move on to form the core of a country’s combat medic force dictating combat medicine protocols and methodology thus elevating the level and preparedness of combat medicine capabilities of the nation’s armed forces as a whole. Graduates from this course can go on to be 68W instructors.